Jim     &     Dave

In late 2004 a couple of car guys, frustrated by a shortage of actual car-related activities in their car club, started this informal weekly gathering of car enthusiasts.  This is NOT a club.  There are no rules, no restrictions, no agenda, and no one is in charge.  With no need of funds, there are no costs whatever to participate, and all car enthusiasts are welcome regardless of car type or club affiliations.  There are no dues, no prizes, and – blessedly – no fund-raisers.  In short, with nothing organizational to disagree about, there is no reason for anyone to be disagreeable.


The purpose of the gathering is simply to provide a venue for car guys and gals of all stripes to dust off their rides and share their beauty with like-minded “lug-nuts” and “gear-heads” over coffee and donuts on Saturday mornings. By starting by 8 AM, and finishing by 10 AM, we still have the whole day ahead for other activities. Small groups sometimes go for breakfast together afterwards, and car clubs occasionally use the gathering as a starting  point for a planned or impromptu cruise. At least one car has already been sold at the gathering, and it is pleasing to see camaraderie between those wearing jackets of alternative car clubs. The cross pollination between different types of cars and clubs is also gratifying, and many have discovered local talent in car-related businesses they never knew existed

Dave with his '23 T-Bucket

Jim with his '65 Roadster